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Now Recruiting Students for 2020

Cosmo Global Kids (CGK), operating as an International Preschool in Bashamichi since 2016, is opening an English Afterschool Program from April 2020.
We are seeking applicants for grades 1 - 4 for the 2020 school year.
We will make our selection on a first come first served basis, so please check availability before making an application for enrollment.

Student Enrollment Status

Enrollment for 2020 (Elementary Grades 1 - 4)
Monday Now accepting applications
Tuesday Now accepting applications
Wednesday Spaces limited
Thursday Now accepting applications
Friday Spaces limited
Enrollment for 2021 (Elementary Grades 1 - 4)
Monday Now accepting applications
Tuesday Now accepting applications
Wednesday Now accepting applications
Thursday Now accepting applications
Friday Now accepting applications

2020 Monthly Fee (All prices exclude tax)

We work on one theme during a two month period, providing an opportunity to learn deeply. Therefore, we do not hold make-up lessons, even during public holidays.
To keep things fair, the monthly fee will differ depending on the month and day of the week.
For details, check the fee schedule.
* The monthly fees below are for reference only. All prices exclude tax.

Monthly Fee Days per Week Per Day Monthly Fee (approximate)
5 days 4,600 JPY 90,000 JPY
4 days 4,900 JPY 77,000 JPY
3 days 5,100 JPY 60,000 JPY
2 days 5,600 JPY 44,000 JPY
Enrollment Fee 30,000 JPY
Snack Fee Free
Bus Service Fee Free
Extended Care 500 JPY / per 30 minutes
Dinner Fee (only for those who apply) 600 JPY / per day
Other Materials and event fees may be charged separately.
Special Offers for CGK Preschool Graduates (contact us for details).
Sibling Discount (*1)

*1 Sibling Discount

  • Enrollment Fee: 10,000 JPY discount (Not applicable if siblings have already graduated, left or withdrawn from school or are moving from CGK Preschool to CGK Afterschool)
  • Childcare Fee / Monthly Fee: 20% discount off the cheaper child's CGK Preschool or CGK Afterschool monthly fee (only during the period when both children are enrolled in either of these)
  • The discount applies to one of two siblings enrolled at the same time.

Enrollment Guide

Visit / Instructions

Contact us anytime using the inquiry form.

Enrollment Application

Apply using the "Application for Admission" form.

Enrollment Selection (Interview)

As we have a set level of English, there will be an interview with the teacher.
In order to nurture "Real Global Kids", we have created an original curriculum that requires a certain level of English.

Acceptance / Various Payments

Enrollment is secured with various payments.


Inquire for details such as the time and day of the week when you can enroll.