A Diverse Environment and High Quality for Real Global Kids

We are Cosmo Global Kids International School - Afterschool.

We are an English afterschool for elementary school students located in Kannai, Yokohama.
In Japan, English afterschool is generally perceived as a place to learn English. However, CGK Afterschool is not a place for Japanese children to learn English, but a place for children of all nationalities to learn global skills in English.
Though we do not have Japanese staff in the classrooms at all times, children who are n
on-native English speakers enjoy learning science, art, etc. in English only and develop their global skills.
We would like to share with you our thoughts on the school, its features, and our hopes for the children who will go on to the world in their future.

Features that Make us Different from Other Afterschools

<Point 1>

Raising "Real Global Kids"

We focus on not only English ability, but also real global skills.

<Point 2>

Not a Place to Study English

We seek to find enjoyment through the learning of different topics.

<Point 3>

English Ability will be Checked

Our curriculum is designed without language barriers.

<Point 4>

A Fun and Lively Place to Enjoy Advanced Learning

Students enjoy learning and get excited about the new world.

(1)Raising "Real Global Kids"
CGK Afterschool opened in April 2020. As the first class of students graduated from our CGK Preschool in Bashamichi, Yokohama, we opened the Afterschool in order to provide a place for them to grow as "real global kids" even after they enter elementary school.
Currently, not only CGK, but also children who have graduated from other preschools and other schools with English learning experience are attending the school.
We believe that English is a necessary skill to be globally active, but just being able to speak English is not enough. We believe that "global skills" include the ability to learn and think on one's own and communicate well with others while using English as a tool.
I feel this way because of my own experience of living abroad. Even if one's English skills are low, I felt that it is important to have the desire to communicate with others and the inquisitive mind to learn and know.
CGK's program is designed to nurture "real global kids" with these three global skills: "acute cognitive ability", "spirit of inquiry", and "self-expression."


(2)Not a Place to Study English
Because we target children who have graduated from CGK Preschool or have a similar level of English proficiency, we do not spend a lot of time studying English, but rather focus on learning "in" English.
Instead of "enjoying English," we pursue "what kind of learning (in English) do you enjoy?

Our main lessons are Project Work.
This is a lesson based on PBL (Project-Based Learning).
PBL is a problem-solving method of learning, and is one of the way of active learning that encourages independent learning. In PBL, students are given a major theme or issue to work on, and they take the initiative in hypothesizing, investigating, and discussing it. Each project is a big one, so students will spend two months learning about one topic. Students discuss and cooperate with each other in order to solve problems and develop their thinking and inquiring minds.

In the Project Work, students also work on Reading and Writing.
When conducting research to solve a problem, students read English texts by themselves. They make posters and other materials to present what they have discussed and decided in groups. In this way, students improve their English skills through practical reading and writing.

(3)English Ability will be Checked
Our school does not accept children who are beginners in English. This is because our main goal is not only to learn English, but to acquire real global skills.
The strength of our school is our consistent curriculum from preschool. In preschool, children acquire global skills through real-life experiences such as work experience and cooking, based on active learning that encourages thinking skills while learning English.
Following this curriculum, the afterschool program focuses on high-level inquiry activities. For this reason, we require students to have the English ability to enjoy high-level inquiry activities.
In addition, the Afterschool curriculum is designed without restrictions on language ability.
This allows us to offer engaging lessons that are more in tune with the children's interests and that not only improve their English skills, but also their global skills.

(4)A Fun and Lively Place to Enjoy Advanced Learning
At CGK Afterschool, students experience learning that stimulates their thinking and inquiring minds on a daily basis, based on communication skills (self-expression) that are essential for active learning.
It is an environment where students can enjoy learning itself and get excited about the new world.
In Project Work, students learn about the structure of the earth in Science, and learn about film directors in Job Training, actively tackling content that may seem a bit advanced for elementary school students.
In Students Choice, the theme and lesson plans are decided by the children. When there is a disagreement, they argue their opinions, listen to the opinions of others, and vote for the majority.
The children are also very excited about the time it takes to put together a lesson like this.

This is a video from Job Training about "Game Designer." 


In addition to the Project Work in the main lesson, the Learning Centers offer a variety of activities to stimulate the children's interest, such as programming with tablets, playing board games with friends to stimulate their thinking skills, and playing typing games on the computer.

Creating a Diverse Environment

We Want to Provide a Quality Environment for Children.

It is very important to grow up in a diverse environment from an early age, not only to have an international perspective and be prepared for a globalized society, but also to eliminate prejudice and discrimination caused by lack of understanding, to learn tolerance for diversity, and to have a compassionate heart.

At CGK, although the content of our education is aimed at diversity, we need to build an even more diverse environment in the relationships among students, and we will make a major effort to promote the use of international families.

The services provided by CGK are attractive and high quality programs that satisfy both Japanese and international families.


Readiness to Accept International Students

All contact from CGK is provided in both Japanese and English.
In addition, all staff members speak English (with the exception of some bus staff).

Feel Free to Contact Us!

We will explain more about the school in detail at the observation session, and we also offer trial lessons from 5:00 p.m. on weekdays.
Please feel free to contact us.

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