CGK International Elementary School Opening in April 2023

 CGK Elementary School will be OPEN in April, 2023
CGK will open our brand new international elementary school that will serve as the next step after our CGK Preschool in Bashamichi, Yokohama.
Following that, a middle school and a high school is planned. That will complete our vision to offer international schooling that starts from preschool through to high school.
Our ultimate goal is for our combined international school to serve Yokohama’s vibrant international community and where students from all backgrounds can fulfill their potential.

Our Mission "To provide opportunities on a global scale and maximize their potential and happiness."

At CGK, the children do not follow a strict and uniform path as they grow; the path to learning and happiness is not a linear path. That is why as educators and caregivers we will closely support the children as they embark on their own paths.

CGK provides education that maximizes the children’s opportunities here in Japan or internationally.
An international education provides the opportunity for children to experience an unknown world. Exposure to different values and ways of thinking allows room to think and grow.

CGK gives all students that opportunity.
Exposure to different cultures and values is, of course, just one way to explore the unknown.
Whilst universally sought, happiness can come in countless forms. So, it goes without saying that we should provide children with as many opportunities as possible to find and follow the path that they have chosen.

At CGK, we are committed to raising real global kids and expanding their opportunities on a global scale. By opening our elementary school and providing a streamlined education starting from preschool right up to high school, we can fulfill this mission.

School Opening Schedule

April, 2023 Elementary School Opens (for grade one - four)
April, 2025 Middle School Opens (for grade six)
April, 2029 High School Opens (for grade ten)
April, 2032 Graduation of the 1st CGK students

A Unique International School

We will implement a curriculum that fits our mission.

  • The curriculum is characterized by a transdisciplinary approach: discussion, research, and presentation based on inquiry-based activities.
  • This will allow students to be proficient for university entrance exams in any country.
  • Instead of studying for exams, students are educated to think internationally and be responsible members of global communities.

Study Abroad Programme
During sixth grade (first year of middle school), we will offer a compulsory year-long study abroad for all our students.

Today, students are studying abroad at increasingly younger ages.
By studying abroad from a young age, students can gain diverse perspectives and values early on that will be essential for them to become true global citizens.

(Source: Ryugaku Journal Counseling Centre)

Initially, we will offer study abroad programmes in New Zealand and the UK. In due time we will offer more destinations so that you can choose the country for your child to study abroad.
The study abroad programmes are organised in conjunction with an affiliated consultancy company; our study abroad programmes will be attractively priced.

*Students may be exempt from participating in the study abroad programme. Please contact us for further information.

EAL(English as as additional language)
For students who need additional language support, we offer EAL (English as an additional language) support. Support teacher will come into the classroom during English lessons to assist EAL students.

If support is needed during other lesson times as well, information is shared with the homeroom teacher and support is provided in cooperation with the homeroom teacher.

Participation in CGK Afterschool is also available. (Optional)
Students are expected to improve their practical English skills by spending time with students from different grades at the afterschool program, where they will engage in high level English exploration activities.

Students in grades 1 through 5 are eligible to attend Afterschool.

Unique School Lunch
At CGK, we provide food education through various lessons, hands-on events, and collaborations with local restaurants and farmers. We also look at food nutrition and explore the part it plays in our physical and mental well-being. As such, we will offer our own school lunch that places priority on healthy ingredients and great flavors which will form an important part of the children’s food education.

Ingredients and seasonal produce that are fresh, reliable, and safe will be specially sourced. By teaming up with producers and suppliers that we know and trust, we will be able to provide healthy meals to our students every day.

We believe that traditional Japanese cuisine not only nurtures the mind and body, but is a great tool that allows children to experience and explore how agriculture, food, and consumers are connected and coexist together. Our lunches will reflect that. As well, consideration will be placed on using environmentally containers and packages as well sourcing from sustainable suppliers and producers to reduce waste and loss.

*This lunch will not be available from April 2023 school year. Further updates will be provided in due time.
Until then, school lunches will be supplied by a catering company.


Yearly Schedule

Our school year begins in April and ends the following March.
  • 1st Semester: April to the middle of July
  • 2nd Semester: September to the end of December
  • 3rd Semester: January to March

School Holidays
  • Spring Break: approximately one week
  • Golden Week: approximately one week
  • Summer Break: approximately five weeks
  • Winter Break: approximately two weeks

Other School Events
Throughout the year we have various school events for our students and our CGK family. These include Sports Day, field trips, food education events, Halloween party, Christmas party, exhibitions, and concerts.

We believe that children should experience as many memorable moments as possible. At CGK we would like to work together with the children's families to create these moments. With the support and involvement of families and various groups in and outside of Yokohama, we believe we can help the children to create memories of their school life that they will cherish forever through these events and activities.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee One-time 22,000 yen
Registration Fee One-time 330,000 yen
Tuition Fee - G1-5   Annual 1,452,000 yen
School Maintenance Fee Annual 66,000 yen
Lunch Fee Annual 135,000 yen
Tuition Sibling Discount   -20%
Study Abroad Support Fee During study abroad (one year) 330,000 yen
EAL Support Fee Annual 220,000 yen
CGK Afterschool Tuition Discount   -30%
*Tuition and other fees are subject to change. Please contact us for details.

Admissions Process

Inquiry/Information Session

During our information sessions you can learn more about our school and our CGK family. Please sign up for information session and feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Admission Application

Please use the inquiry form and request application form.
Once we have received your application form, the admission fee will become payable.

Assessment Selection

An interview with your child will be conducted with an English teacher from our elementary school. During the interview we will use this opportunity to learn more about them and assess their English abilities. A separate interview with parents or guardians will be conducted in either English or Japanese. Please note that parents or guardians do not need to be proficient in English for your child to be admitted.

Acceptance and Payments

Enrollment will be confirmed upon receipt of all payments.


We will have a school orientation for prospective students and parents. During this orientation we hope to meet each of you and begin our working relationship in your child's learning journey.

CGK Website Renewal

This website will be renewed in May 2022. Our new website will contain the latest information and provide updates on our new school. We apologies for any trouble as we prepare our new website.

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