A Diverse Environment and High Quality for Real Global Kids

There are several international preschools here in Yokohama, but we are glad that you are interested in a school like ours, which offers many unique features and high quality care and education.

This article is a brief description of our school's features and our desire to create a diverse environment for international students. We hope that you will consider enrolling your child in our school, as we offer services that set us apart from other international preschools.

Features that Make us Different from Other Schools

Extremely Rich Curriculum and Programs

(1)Global Education

CGK provides an education that fosters self-expression, acute cognitive ability, and spirit of inquiry, so students can one day grow up to becomeglobal citizens. We are also introducing PBL.


All of the Japanese teachers are bilingual and certified in childcare, and incorporate many positive aspects of Japanese childcare. At other schools, they often do not have the qualifications or do not speak English.

(3)Kindergarten Education

CGK also values Japanese education, manners and cooperation, which Japanese people are admired for. Students will be prepared for any career path after graduation.

(4)Intellectual Training

Instruction by specialized teachers. CGK has introduced the Pygmalion class, which has sent a large number of students to one of the most difficult private junior high schools, to foster acute cognitive ability and problem-solving skills.

(5)Food Education

CGK has a partnership between a farmer and an Italian restaurant. A full range of programs are offered throughout the year, including very unique activities as well as agricultural experiences and cooking lessons.

(6)P.E. / Swimming

Both are taught by professional instructors. For swimming, the heated indoor pool is available for rent throughout the year. For PE, the instructor strives to develop a healthy, physical foundation.

(7)Authentic Experiences

By getting out into the world and experiencing things firsthand, students develop a spirit of inquiry and are therefore more naturally driven to learn and explore in general.

(8)Optional Classes

To further nurture our children's individuality, abilities and interests, we offer optional classes on weekdays after 4:30pm. There are classes in Advanced Intellectual training (Pygmalion), early programming, and dance.

As you can see, in addition to developing English language skills, there are many other attractive programs that match the growth of children and foster their acute cognitive ability and spirit of inquiry.

CGK emphasizes active learning and has introduced PBL(Project-Based Learning) instead of SBL (Subject-Based Learning). PBL is also a problem-based learning method that encourages independent learning. In PBL, students are given a major theme or issue to work on, and they take the initiative in hypothesizing, researching, and discussing it. Since each project is a big one, it takes time to accomplish each project, but the sense of accomplishment is great and results in the development of spirit of inquiry. In order to solve problems, students discuss and cooperate with each other to develop their acute cognitive ability and spirit of inquiry.

We also offer an afterschool program for elementary school students who have graduated from mainly our international preschool, where we provide very high-level PBL education.


Full-Time, Five-Day-a-Week Childcare and Education Program

CGK provides full-time care for children from 8:30am to 5:00pm, five days a week (7:30am to 7:00pm including extended care). We do not offer short-tirm courses or courses for select days, and students can acquire a high level of English proficiency, a very rich curriculum, and an exceptional experience that fosters acute cognitive ability and spirit of inquiry through long-term project activities and inquiry activities that result in deep learning.


Creating a Diverse Environment

We Want to Provide a Quality Environment for Children.

It is very important to grow up in a diverse environment from an early age, not only to have an international perspective and be prepared for a globalized society, but also to eliminate prejudice and discrimination caused by lack of understanding, to learn tolerance for diversity, and to have a compassionate heart.

At CGK, although the content of our education is aimed at diversity, we need to build an even more diverse environment in the relationships among students, and we will make a major effort to promote the use of international families toward the year 2022.

The services provided by CGK are attractive and high quality programs that satisfy both Japanese and international families.

Readiness to Accept International Students

All contact from CGK is provided in both Japanese and English.
In addition, all staff members speak English (with the exception of some bus staff and special instructors).


Support for Environmental Adaptation

At CGK, we have experience taking care of students who do not speak Japanese at all, or speak neither Japanese nor English, and we have provided appropriate support to help them graduate without any problems.

Current Status of International Students

The countries of origin and nationalities of our students and English teachers are shown in the map below(including past students). We will be striving to create a more diverse environment in the near future.
(Red: Current Students / Blue: Past Students / Purple: English Teachers)


Feel Free to Contact us!

We will explain in more detail at the briefing session, so please feel free to contact us.
We will also try our best to accommodate your request for an observation individually.


Briefing/Observation CGK's Curriculum Bus Routes

Cosmo Global Kids International School

This is an international preschool that offers childcare and education.

We, Cosmo Global Kids, are accepting students in 2021 and 2022 academic year.
Please feel free to come to our briefing or observation.

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