Yokohama Port Festival 2016 (横浜開港祭2016)

On Thursday, we took a special trip to Rinko Park to see the Yokohama Port festivities and the fire truck they had on tour. We got to ride the bus to the park because it was a little too far to walk to. But for some of the students it was their first time to ride the bus! We had so much fun on the bus; sing songs and pointing out the Ferris wheel and other sites while we drove to the park. When we got to the park it was so full of children and adults because many people had the day off to celebrate the festivities. We walked around and saw some of the harbor characters and even got to take a picture with one.

Yokohama Port Festival 2016 Yokohama Port Festival 2016 Yokohama Port Festival 2016   

After the picture time we went to the fire truck to take the tour! Not everyone was excited about the experience but the boys enjoyed getting to look inside the fire truck and they even got to ask the fireman some questions. We got to see the communication center inside the truck and all the cool equipment the fire truck comes with including the oxygen tanks and masks as well as the hoses and helmets. After we were finished touring the fire truck it was time to go back to CGK and we got some souvenir fans to help keep cool walking back to the bus. It was a fun time and everyone seems to enjoy the special outdoors time!

Yokohama Port Festival 2016 Yokohama Port Festival 2016 Yokohama Port Festival 2016

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