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Director: Thoughts for opening

Possibility of education and global society

理事長 甲斐 実

In the midst of the world with rapid changes where globalization is promoted, I think the education importance has been more and more increasing in the world.

When it comes to "globalization", the first thing Japanese people would come to think of would be the "(English) language", but of course it does not have the same meaning as "globalization".
Education at Cosmo Global Kids (CGK) does not fit in the framework of "language education". We provide more holistic "global education".

"Generousness for diversity" to accept the "differences" and thoughtful hearts. Creativity and ability to take action to cultivate the situation among the changes for one's own. Capability to communicate and collaborate with others through self-expression.
I believe they are important not only in the business world but also in order to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Within the next decade or two, the majority of the occupations today are said to be automated by AI, so simply acquiring a specific skill called "(English) language" is not sufficient enough to survive in the future global societies.

Therefore, at CGK, we learn diversified world (where different from the Japanese common sense) via "multi-cultural studies" for acquiring a wide variety of educations as well as nurturing learning skills, challenging motivation, and intellectual curiosity through "active learning".
Not only during the attendance at our school, we aim to nurture the everlasting global skills required in the future as well.

We believe education has a massive power to bring peace and happiness.
Here at CGK, instead of limiting children's possibility, we strive to challenge anything and offer the world not only within the premise but also serves as an entrance to a big world.

Encounter the "world"

In the past, I had lived or traveled as a backpacker to Australia, Canada, and the USA, and was blessed with occasions to meet with people from dozens of different countries due to the nature of those countries being multiethnic.

One precious experience I had at overseas was the experience itself to meet and communicate with such diversified people in my poor English but not enjoying those sightseeing spots.
I had come to realize how small the world I have lived was (both physically and spiritually), and my desire to appreciate "how interesting the world is" and learn "the world that I have not yet to known" has grown more and more. And it has led to the "intellectual curiosity" to deepen not only towards the world but also to all sorts of things. Your own opinions are born through your interest and thoughts, then transformed into the desire to communicate them.

Japanese people with strong English speaking ability but with weaker debating/claiming/communication skills perceives me the reason they cannot be globally successful is not simply because of the linguistic (English) barrier.

Starting from 2020, English becomes a mandatory language to learn for 3rd graders and higher, but what is expected to Japanese people is not just about reinforcing the kinder English education.
The "global education" anticipated for the "global society" is not equal to "English education".

International exchange

Originally, our company started our business as "international exchange business" but not of "education".

Those metropolitan areas in countries of immigrants abroad are filled with people with diversified nationalities and backgrounds, and we have been holding a variety of international exchange events and introduced both Japanese and world cultures in order to provide a similar environment here in Japan.

As a result of such activities, some have chosen to study abroad or married to a non-Japanese.
As for us with the philosophy to "bridging Japan and the world", this is the very happy moment.

The desire to learn English has spread through an interest to know abroad, and we have started the "English education business" as a means to support those who challenge outside Japan.
Looking at those adult learners who had broadened their interest towards abroad through our English conversation school business, I felt it was good that we had "started the business". At the same time there were times when we faced issues and dilemmas how "time", "speed to progress the linguistic ability", and "how their values are fixed towards things", and "their positive attitudes towards new challenges" get in the way when adult learners start learning.

Opening of international preschool

Desiring to turn "English education", "global education" and "what we want to convey" into a physical item, "Bilingual Preschool Cosmo Global Kids" was born.

What is originally necessary in talking is not "language ability" but "ability of thinking". The language (English) is the tool to convey finally his or her opinion created in such a way. But they do not think deeply if there is no interest called "spirit of inquiry" and motivation before thinking.

Small children who have no stereotype idea feel that all of what they experience is fresh and have been stimulated in many ways every day. In the "multi-cultural studies", they experience the world even adults cannot experience as much as possible. The interest to the world where they see for the first time in a variety of ways is lead to high curiosity.

And in the "active learning", we develop the ability to think, move and create by children. The children express themselves by using a variety of tools by focusing on English freely through the activity where they are absorbed in and forget even laughing. They challenge a new thing actively.

"Bilingual education" where you learn the language that will be the tool for conversations, will completely different from the English learning you did in schools or the one for license exams. The English explanations children will learn out of their demand where they want to show out their feelings should not be learned on paperwork but should be learnt out of everyday life that help them improve lots faster.

In our school where we focus on "mental growth " and "global education" to let "authentic global kids" grow, we have so many children learning happily each day. CGK was established as a place where high qualitative education from toddler age will be provided to offer those children and the families this great opportunity.

We will do our best to offer this opportunity where children can grow most effectively constantly trying out new things such as global education, Pygmalion method, food education, after-school program, various school events and lots more.

For their happy wealthy future that will open up by our education.

Director: Minoru Kai
Born in 1984 / Father-of-one

Basic employment history
Advertising agency: Worked on both overseas exhibition business and domestic advertising business. In overseas exhibition, lead management of local staffs and client relations.
CosmoBridge Co., Ltd. (present): Founded an English school based on the living experience of own self and in the international exchange event business managing the events yet managing and arranging our foreign guests proactively. The present director of Cosmo Global Kids.

Residential history overseas (stay history)
Australia: Sydney, Adelaide, etc.
Canada: Toronto
United States: Backpacking in 8 cities

TOEIC: 945 points out of 990
Hoiku Eiken: Second Grade