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Tel. 045-222-6467 (8:30-17:30)

Child's name ※必須
Child's gender ※必須
Child's birth date ※必須  年    月    日
How old is your son/daughter?
Your phone number ※必須
Your E-mail address ※必須
Your mailing address ※必須
Date of enrollment ※必須
If yes, please be sure to provide details.
Bus service ※必須
How did you hear about CGK? ※必須
Detail of how you heard about us:
If it is possible, please let us know who introduced you to CGK, where you received your flyer or what words you put on a search engine and found CGK, etc.
Your child's English learning experience
Is your child going to another preschool now?
Your plan after graduating a preschool
Please let us know if you are interested in attending public or private elementary school, etc.