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Application for Seasonal School


Tel. 045-211-4427 (13:30-19:00)

Your name
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Child's name
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Child's gender
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Child's birth date
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年:Year, 月:Month, 日:Day
Child's grade
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Which preschool/kindergarten did your child graduate from?
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Which elementary school is your child going?
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Your phone number
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Your E-mail address
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Postal code
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2021 Winter School Dates
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*Please check the dates you are applying for.
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Detail about the allergy
If yes, please let us know detail.
Ordering lunch *Only for those who request
e.g. 1/4,5
*If you would like to request allergy support, please fill in the details in the "Comments" and consult with us. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate allergy requests.
Extended time care *Only for those who request
e.g. 1/4 9:00-10:00, 1/5 9:30-10:00
*550yen/30 minutes
How did you hear about CGK?
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Detail of how you heard about us:
If it is possible, please let us know who introduced you to CGK, where you received your flyer or what words you put on a search engine and found CGK, etc
Your child's English learning experience
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e.g. Studied for 3 years in an English class, graduated from preschool
Are you interested in joining CGK afterschool? * For those who are not currently a member