Evacuation Drill "Fire!" on May 15th(Mon)

This week we had our first fire drill of the year.

We do these drills monthly to teach our students about the real dangers of emergency situations, and how to react to each accordingly. Procedures sometimes vary between different kinds of emergency situations.
For example, how we protect ourselves during a fire is very different than how to act after an earthquake. But our kids are smart! They responded calmly and quietly to this week's drill, even our new friends!
The drill started by one of our teachers announcing the fire. Despite the panic in his voice, the students were able to stay calm and gather at the center of the room with their designated teachers. After that, everyone quickly lined up and headed outside by class, covering their mouths and noses and ducking until we safely left the school. They walked quickly and quietly in their pairs all the way to our school’s safety zone, where they listened to their teachers as we reviewed what a fire is and how important it is to stay calm and listen to the teachers without crying. And we are proud to say, almost anyone didn't cry. Everyone was very attentive and followed instructions without causing a scene.

避難訓練 避難訓練

After reviewing the drill, everyone headed back to the school. We all made it safely back without mishap! Fortunately, there was no real fire at CGK, but even if there had been our students would have made it out safe and soundly with their wonderful responses. Great job, everyone!!


Bilingual Preschool Cosmo Global Kids Yokohama Bashamichi

This is an international preschool that performs childcare and education.

It's in Yokohama and we have students from many countries such as China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam (alphabetical order).

We, Cosmo Global Kids, are still accepting students for our 2 and 3 year old classes (as of April 1st, 2018) this year and for 3 and 4 year old classes for next year.
Please feel free to come to our briefing and observation.

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